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Welcome to my CBT for Weight Loss Programme.  For years I have done the diets and gone to the various well known programmes and each time I return, I meet the same faces and we laugh – here we go again!  We all have a common goal – to lose weight, hopefully for the long term but most of us have a shorter goal in mind, to fit into the swim suit, the party dress -and we are so happy when we do.

But what happens next?

As a licensed practitioner of the Mind over Body Weight Loss Program, I am very enthusiastic about the prospects of a permanent weight loss. When we think of weight loss, we often think about what we eat or the exercise we take. The questions we ask ourselves tend to revolve around how much fat, protein and carbs to eat, or whether pounding the pavements will take off the pounds.

However did you know that:


Dieting starts in your brain and not on your plate


How does the MIND OVER BODY Weight loss programme work?


Most weight loss programmes focus on diet and exercise, but if you have tried to lose weight in the past, you know that your mind has to be in the right place in order to succeed. This is where the Mind over Body programme is different. You will be given the skills to overcome emotional eating, deal with triggers and cravings and be given the tools to change your relationship with food forever.

This programme is for you if you have tried many diets before but found it difficult to stay motivated. After a few weeks you give up and gain most or all of the weight you lost back on. This programme will teach you how to stay motivated, deal with triggers and emotional eating and give you nutritional guidelines that will keep you full and stop cravings. The nutritional plan is full of delicious food as eating healthy does not need to be boring.

As a coach of the Mind over Body program you will have my support and encouragement every step of the way as you change the way you relate to food forever.

I run this programme from my private clinic on a 1: 1 to basis, (50 minute session) or in a
group format  (90 minute sessions). It is an interactive, homework based programme. 

How we think has a huge influence on how we feel and ultimately goes on to affect what we do and how things are going to turn out for us.

In this way, how you think affects how you eat.

It is not just the situations you find yourself in, or the things that happen to you, that determine how you feel and react. It is how you perceive, or evaluate, those situations.

Think about how empowering this is! If we can learn to think differently, we can interpret situations realistically and helpfully.

Then we change how we feel, how we behave, and how we eat.

Thinking and Eating…They’re Related!

Any realistic diet will work as long as you have the right attitude, which is where CBT for weight loss can benefit. The CBT for weight loss programme can help you to choose appropriate foods and use suitable eating behaviours. These will become consistent and permanent by learning to make long-lasting changes to the way that you think.


Research shows that the most effective weight loss programmes are more than simple diets. Successful programmes combine diet, exercise, and psychological intervention. Further recent research emphasises that including a psychological element considerably improves the results.

CBT is more effective than diet and exercise regimes on their own because it works at the underlying core issues which perpetuate these gain loss cycles. By treating the underlying causes of these patterns clients are appreciably less prone to relapse.

CBT for Weight Loss is very different from other attitudes and programmes to weight loss. It is a psychological programme and not a food plan. You are not told what to eat but can select your own nutritional diet (we however have our own in-house advice which can assist in this regard).

Any realistic diet will work as long as you have the right attitude, which is where CBT for weight loss can benefit.


The CBT for weight loss programme can help you to choose appropriate foods and use suitable eating behaviours. These will become consistent and permanent by learning to make long-lasting changes to the way that you think.

As a participant of the Mind over Body program

  • You will be coached by me to change the way you behave and think about food. This program is delivered over 8 weeks for 90 minutes each week.

  • You will take control of your triggers and cravings

  • you will be able to master the skills of staying motivated and silencing that inner voice that sabotages your weight loss efforts.  

    During the 8 weeks you will:

  • walk away with an eating plan that will be sustainable for now and the future.

  • have the skill set to deal with triggers and cravings

  • be able to self-motivate long term

  • feel confident and in control about your eating

  • lose the desire to overeat

What the programme will do for you

  • Greater confidence

  • Better sleep

  • Improved energy

  • Decreased stress

  • Improved body image

  • Improved vitality

  • Change your habits around food

  • Put an end to emotional eating

  • Put an end to yo-yo dieting

  • No more self-sabotaging your weight loss efforts and put an end to that inner voice that has stopped you in the past

Skills you will walk away with:

  • Retrain your mindset to replace “Diet” mentality

  • Transform your sabotaging beliefs and thoughts

  • Nourishing yourself to eliminate food cravings

  • Recognising emotional eating and knowing how to change it

  • How to get back on track after making unhealthy food/drink choices

  • How mindful eating will help you feel fuller and more satisfied

  • How to keep yourself motivated

  • Self monitor to keep you in charge

  • Planning for holidays/nights out/special occasions

  • Understand the difference between hunger and cravings

What people have said about this programme:

  • “I just want to say this programme has really opened my eyes so much about my relationship with food and my relationship with myself.  For some reason setting out on this I thought oh great 8 weeks I’ll be good and I’ll drop 2 stone and life will be wonderful but it’s not that straightforward because I’ve so much to figure out that I didn’t realise when I started. I have been very stressed for the past 6 months+ because of work. Juggling a demanding full-time job and 3 small children is tricky and I wasn’t giving myself credit for that. All I could see is that I am overweight. I am a resilient person and look outwardly like I cope well with stress and to an extent I do but I feel now it has been manifesting itself in weight gain and I have been trapped in a vicious circle of overeating and giving myself a hard time. I’m very grateful for this programme because it has made me sit and think and write down what’s going on for me. I am naturally a happy person and I am very blessed with so much. I feel this programme could help me finally feel happy about my physical appearance after many years”

  •  “I think of healthy food as kindness and respect I show for my amazing body that has sustained me so well for so many years. This is a huge change in my mind. Eating too much sugar now seems to me like not respecting my body or myself. This is a 360 degree turn for me”.

  • “I love feeling I deserve nice food”.

  • “I think more about what I have achieved in terms of energy and mood. If I am happy and calm then I’m doing well. What the scales says does not affect my happiness”.

  •  “More organised and prepared around my food. Drinking more water- my pet hate! Definitely, have a different attitude towards food”.

  • “If you control your mind you have health. Yesterday I went to a pub. I said to the waiter I want to eat healthily and she advised me what to eat. Before I would have order buttered fish and chips. Thanks for your program”.

  • “Can’t believe that I am feeling this calm and at ease with food and eating.  Very grateful for your programme and sharing of your experience that is benefitting my mindset and health”.

  •  “I took my measurements as an alternative to scales and have 7 inches gone inc 4 on waist which is my problem zone. So delighted with that. It will help me stop over analysing the scales too”.

  • “I think the small challenge every week is excellent because when it’s done at end of week you are delighted rather than aiming too high and then feeling deflated. It’s funny how much it’s all in the head”.

  • “Overall my feeling of my progress is positive. I feel that I am more conscious of the decisions I am making with regards to my food choices. While I still am not 100% with everything, I feel for me with our family life I am progressing in the right direction that I can sustain these changes on a more permanent basis”.

CBT for Weight Loss Charges

What is the cost of the session?

€560 for an 8 week programme (payment plan available) 

€130 per person if providing the programme in a group format.


​ CBT Sessions for Weight-Loss

 (both 1:1 and group sessions available).

My next group session starts on Sunday 19th April, at Somers Psychothery in Clondalkin  

and at St. Tiernan's Community School, Ballinteer, Dublin 14, in September, 2020.

In the meantime please register your interest, either for group or 1: 1

with me by emailing

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